xQc Missed His Shot At Dating Amouranth

During her second dating stream, Amouranth revealed, that xQc was really close to getting a date with her.
Thumbnail x Qc Amouranth
Dude was flabbergasted! | © xQc and Amouranth via Twitch

We all know by now that Amouranth is dating again. Now, during her recent dating stream, Amouranth revealed that xQc actually had a shot at dating her, but fumbled the bag. The reason? He refused to give her his number.

This made the Juicer blush a little, as it seems like even he is not immune to Amouranth's charms.

Streamer relationships are kinda complicated, as viewers tend to get too involved with them and everything is out in the open. The same thing happened when things ended between xQc and Adept.

xQc was always rather secretive about his dating life, which is probably why him and Adept were "roommates" for so long. Even with NYYXXII, who he started dating after Adept, he refuted rumors that the two of them were in a relationship until after it was over.

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Amouranth also kept her relationship status under wraps until recently, even though that was not her choice, as her husband pressured her not to publicize their marriage.

xQc Gets Embarrassed After Amouranth Reveals How He Missed Out On A Date With Her

During her second dating stream on November 24, Amouranth revealed, that xQc would have had a shot at dating her, if he had given her his number.

“He saw the date with Chris, and he got mad because it wasn’t him [...] He wouldn’t give me his number! X did not give me his number, and then he ended up bringing on NYYXXII and having a fling with her, so if he wanted to holler, he could have just hollered."

xQc seems kinda shocked at this revelation, but kinda up for it. So maybe if things don't work out between Amouranth and her new guy, maybe we will see her with the Juicer next?

Probably not, though, as Amouranth didn't seem all too serious about it.

Btw. if you wanna catch up on what happened in October, you can watch it here: