EA’s Constant Setting Fail Is Even Worse Than The FIFA 23 Servers

If you play FIFA 23 and Ultimate Team on a regular basis, you are familiar with the many fails of EA. But the settings reset, which is in the game since release, is maybe the worst thing this year. Yes, even worse than servers!

FIFA 23 Settings Set Back FUT
The most annoying thing in FIFA 23: the reset of the settings. | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

Do you still remember the Hero pack fail from the earlier days of FIFA 23? And do you have connection problems from time to time in FUT? Well... we've all been there and yes, those things sure are annoying as hell... but we got the new number 1 of annoying FIFA fails for you today: the settings get reset for most of us on a regular basis. How can we fix it? And the more important question: why doesn't EA fix it?!

Settings Reset In FUT: The Most Annoying Problem Of FIFA 23

Everybody who plays FUT or Online Seasons in FIFA needs to make some adjustments in the settings. What is this new standard camera...? The movement is awful. And who would let their controller settings on preset? Only lost souls will leave it as EA suggests you to play.

Wouldn't it be nice to change it to the best options, and the game saves and remembers it – LIKE EVERY OTHER GAME ON THIS PLANET?

We are not the only ones facing this problem. But it's kind of a joke that we report on this IN APRIL. The game is out since September 2022 – and of all things the settings reset seems to be EA's kryptonite.

Does FIFA forget your settings every so often?
by u/michaelfortu in FIFA

If you are playing on console, we got a "trick" that prevents the settings from getting reset. Do not let your console go to rest mode, while you are still in FIFA – and also don't leave the game on for hours if you aren't active.

So... don't use a pretty common feature that should actually not reset our settings 😑 That's it. That's the trick. We're sorry that we don't have a better solution – but EA are the ones that should be really sorry.

Again: it is April. We are reporting on their next game EA Sports FC already... and still have to deal with this on a constant basis. We don't even expect them to fix this in future Title Updates, simply because they would have done it since October. But hey, they also needed months to fix the tracker in FUT Champs, so you never know with EA.

Luckily, we got the most important settings for you right here:

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