Leak: No More Position Modifiers In EA Sports FC

New EA Sports FC leaks announce that there will be no position change cards in the FIFA successor. EA is saying goodbye to a Consumable that just got a different role this year. We will tell you, what the consequences for FUT could be.

EA Sports FC Leak Keine Positionsmodifikatoren
EA Sports FC: According to the leak, we will no longer see position change items in FUT. | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

EA Sports FC will be released at the end of September 2023 and will become the new FIFA 24. We will not only have to get used to the new name, but also to a lot of innovations. New leaks for the new FIFA part come out weekly.

In our overview, we have summarized the most important leaks for you:

According To The Leak: Position Modifiers Will Get Removed In EAFC

The latest leak now announces the end of a consumable card that has been part of the FUT for many years and has been given a new coat of paint with FIFA 23.

Position Modifiers In FUT: How It All Started

With the new chemistry system, there was also an adjustment to the Position Modifier cards in FUT. In the past, they could be used to make specific positional adjustments.

Up until FIFA 22, for example, you could turn a Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM) into a Striker (ST). However, for this you needed four DIFFERENT Position Modifier cards, because for each position change there was also an adequate Position Change card. For our CDM to ST example, the path looked like this:

  1. CDM → CM
  2. CM → CAM
  3. CAM → CF
  4. CF → ST

This was the only way to build your Ultimate Team squad perfectly.

In FIFA 23, the many Position Modifier cards were shrunk into a single position modifier card, as many FUT player cards were assigned alternative positions to their main position.

An OP Winger can often play all wing positions, ideally on both attacking sides. As of this season, we only require a Position Modifier card for the adjustment, which can then be used for any position adjustment.

That should come to an end in EA Sports FC!

FUT Without Position Changes – What Could That Look Like?

So we're going to have the meta back soon where we play Full Backs as Center Backs and play à la FIFA 22? Hard to imagine, that's exactly what EA wanted to prevent with the fixed positions of players.

It is therefore more likely that the newly introduced chemistry system with alternative positions will be retained. The only convenient change might be that FUT Player cards will now automatically adjust to their assigned positions, as long as they list those positions under their alternatives. This saves us the annoying purchase of position cards, some of which cost over 1000 coins on the FUT Transfer Market.

This could also have a positive impact on the somewhat discredited FUT Draft mode. It suffered from the fact that there were many players in the draft selection who did not fit the positions of the selected formation and were therefore useless for team building.

Hey Position Modifiers, grant us one last wish, and please take the contract cards with you as well. Then you will surely keep in good memory.

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