FIFA 22: The Worst And Most Unpopular Icons

There are players that you should definitely not play in FIFA 22. Here are the worst and most unpopular icons.
FIFA 22 Worst Icons
Nobody wants to play these icons in FIFA 22... | © EarlyGame / EA

Icons are actually something special. They are rare cards that can make the difference at any time in a tight Weekend League match. They are cards that link to every other player and always have a high rating and a high price. Meanwhile there are more than 100 different legends in FIFA 22. Among these legends there are players you don't want to have in your club at all, because they don't fit to the FIFA meta or they are dirty in real life. In this article we show you the ten worst and most unpopular icons in FIFA 22.

If you are looking for the exact opposite, you are welcome to check out the best and cheapest icons in FIFA 22 at this link. But now we come to the dark side of FIFA 22, because in this article we also have players which are prosecuted and therefore of course are down with the community.

FIFA 22: The Worst And Most Unpopular Icons

The worst icons can be identified relatively fast. These are players who absolutely don't fit into the meta because of their stats, physique and position. We will have Frank Lampard, among others, in this list later on. Of course, this doesn't mean that we hate him or the other "bad" icons, on the contrary. But these cards are simply outdated at the current stage of the game and simply too bad for the Weekend League.

These Are The Worst Icons In FIFA 22

The most important value that the community pays attention to is speed. Any player slower than 80 pace is simply left out. Meanwhile, every player must actually already have 90 pace. Similarly important are the secondary values Skill Moves and Weak Foot. The following players do not have these important attributes.

Player (Version)PositionRating
PriceBad Stats
Filippo Inzaghi (Moments)ST91241.000

3* Skills, 3* WF, 83 Pace

Robert Pirès (Baby)CAM8574.00072 Pace, 72 Stamina
Juan Sebastián Verón (Baby)CDM8675.00070 Pace, 65 Agility, 70 Balance
Bobby Moore (Mid)CB89103.00066 Pace, 1,78m
Ronald Koeman (Baby)
CB8591.00067 Pace, 1,81m
Paul Scholes (Baby)
CM8780.00068 Pace, 3* WF
Frank Lampard (Mid)
CM8873.50066 Pace, 61 Balance
Franco BaresiCB93204.00070 Pace, 3* WF

Of course, this is only a selection of the worst icons. Basically, it can be said that you should keep your hands off all versions of these players. You can see from the price that these icons are rarely or never used. 204,000 coins for a 93 Baresi is practically a gift - but there are much better options for the price.

Baby Pires ist einer der schlechtesten Icons in FIFA 22. | © FUTBIN

The Most Unpopular Icons In FIFA 22.

Unpopular in this case means that the players are down with the community because of real life crimes. The two most popular stories about this are from Ryan Giggs and Marc Overmars, which you can also read in detail at this link. Giggs was accused of domestic violence, the trial for this also cost him the coaching of the Welsh national team. Giggs is also said to have had an affair with his brother's wife for years. What a subhuman. The Futbin users have seen him and Ovemars quite rightly many dislikes, such criminals we do not want to play in FIFA 22.

Marc Overmars
Ryan Giggs

So, these were the worst and most unpopular icons in FIFA 22. If you want to know exactly the opposite, we have linked our article to the cheapest and best icons. R9 is of course the most outstanding player, his 97 card is with 15.000.000 Coins the most expensive one in the whole game.

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