FIFA 23 x Marvel Leak: New FUT Heroes Soon?

Only a few days ago we got the first official information about FIFA 23 and EA Sports itself has already leaked some potentially crazy stuff now. Will we get a cooperation between FUT Heroes and Marvel?

Marvel FIFA 23
Will there be Marvel Heroes in FIFA 23? | © EA Sports (LEAK)

If you want to play with the best cards in Ultimate Team right from the start, you have to rely on Icons and Heroes in FIFA 23. In the course of the first presentation of FIFA 23 EA Sports has also released the first three Heroes – all of them get a standard and a World Cup version.

But that's not the point here – that's what we have the detailed articles for. No, this piece of news is much more interesting: The publisher perhaps started a rumor, which has caused a lot of discussion in the FIFA community. A cooperation between Marvel and FIFA 23 has potentially been leaked. Crazy, isn't it? But what's it all about?

Marvel And FUT Heroes Leak

As you can see in the picture above, there could be a cooperation between FIFA 23 and Marvel in the near future... more precisely, it's about the Heroes. Makes sense, FUT Heroes, Superheroes, you know the drill. So does this mean Cristiano Ronaldo will soon be playing alongside Iron Man and then setting up Thor for a goal?

Our reliable FIFA 23 leaker @DonkTrading has already shared some info on Twitter as well. According to him, we can expect a Marvel cooperation in FIFA 23 which will have something to do with FUT Heroes. So far so good, but that's all. No mention of superheroes as players. And hey, if you really want to play Hulk, you have to boot up FIFA 21 again – back then he was part of the Chinese Super League.

But all kidding aside, a collaboration like this could literally mean anything. Maybe we'll just get some special jerseys or tifos so that we can decorate our FUT stadium with some superheroes. Another possibility would be EA hiring some Marvel artists for future card designs. But Iron Man getting a Special Card anytime soon? Rather unlikely.

Community Response

FIFA is not Fortnite – we don't get announcements of new collaborations with global franchises just about every other week. When the FIFA bubble finds out about a leak of this magnitude, it naturally makes big waves. And not exactly in a positive sense.

The FIFA community was not very enthusiastic about the idea of playing with Hulk, Iron Man or Captain America on the virtual pitch. That actually has nothing to do with football and is as far away from realism as can be.

Currently, it's not certain if and in which form a cooperation between FIFA and Marvel is planned. At least it's a fact that the above Heroes image can still be found on Google, and you will be redirected to the official Heroes website of EA Sports. Still, we think it's unlikely that superheroes will really show up as playable cards. Still, crazy times.