Crashed: New Need For Speed Seems To Be Dead Already

Need for Speed Unbound is already dead, just a few short months after release.

Need for Speed Unbound Coverart
Need for Speed Unbound is already dead. | © EA

Remember when footage of the new Need for Speed leaked? If not, lucky you. All the clips that surfaced online made Need for Speed Unbound look like a cheap and cartoony piece of crap. And needless to say, the community were disappointed.

So, now the game has been officially released, was the community right to judge the game that harshly?

  • If you want a racing game that has been well-received, try F1.

Worst Need for Speed Ever? Unbound Already Dead Shortly After Release

Need for Speed Unbound has received the second-lowest user score on Metacritic in Need for Speed history with a 5.2/10. This has only ever been "beaten" by 2017's Need for Speed Payback with a 4.3/10.

And the player numbers attest to the fact. According to Steam Charts, Need for Speed Unbound peaked at 14,000 players in its release month (December). That is shockingly low. Compare it to Need for Speed Heat, which peaked at 86,000 players, more than six times as many as Need for Speed Unbound.

Clearly, they need to go back to the drawing board and rethink what they need to do with Need for Speed. We're sure it won't be the death of the franchise, but another release like this could be.

In other news, LEGO is releasing a racing game of their own... and it's basically just LEGO Mario Kart (which is awesome).

NFS Unbound can't be as bad as this game though:

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