Endless Dungeon: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Are you a fan of StarCraft or Diablo? Boy, then do we have something to tell you. Amplitude Studios is developing a game named Endless Dungeon, and everything about it seems amazing. But how can you know for certain? Let me show you!
Endless dungeon 3
Let's gooooo! | © SEGA/Amplitude Studios

Real-Time Strategy has become an influential genre thanks to StarCraft and Diablo. However, Blizzard Entertainment will have some unexpected competition with Amplitude Studios. They’ve begun developing Endless Dungeon, an upcoming RTS for next-generation consoles.

Here’s where things get interesting: Endless Dungeon isn’t designed as a standard RTS but as an advanced network that enables gameplay locations to become procedurally generated. In turn, nobody has the same experience when playing Endless Dungeon.

This should allow Endless Dungeon to separate itself from other RTS games in 2022/23. Unfortunately, information beyond the procedural generation has been hard to obtain for Endless Dungeon. All that’s known is that gameplay-wise, there’s an emphasis on the strategy through rogue-like tactical action.

Rogue-like tactical action is unheard of within the RTS genre. Therefore, Amplitude Studios has the opportunity to innovate this genre with updated features and procedural generation. There’s a chance this development house might force the hand of Blizzard Entertainment and require them to create better RTS games. Until then, let’s discuss what Endless Dungeon has to offer.

Is Endless Dungeon Coming Out In 2023?

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This game has so much potential. | © SEGA / Amplitude Studios

Unfortunately, Amplitude Studios hasn’t identified the release date for Endless Dragon. There isn’t anything to suggest on their website that an announcement will be made soon. As such, we’re confident that Endless Dungeon isn’t launching in 2023. Even though Amplitude promises to launch this RTS game by 2022, development delays could postpone their internal schedule. Don’t be surprised if Amplitude announces the release date in Q1 2023.

The possibility of Amplitude Studios needing an additional year for development hasn’t been identified by Sega. However, Amplitude hasn’t developed an RTS Game of this magnitude. There could be an internal sense of pressure among the developers.

Surprisingly, there’s a similarity between the graphics of Endless Dungeon and Breath of the Wild. We’re confident that Amplitude Studios purposely focused on designing an RTS that visually looked like Zelda but played far different.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Endless Dungeon | All Leaks & Rumors

4855 endless dungeon
Flames surround the survivors as they work towards defeating their monstrous foes | © SEGA / Amplitude Studios

Endless Dungeon doesn’t maintain a complex storyline. Instead, this game focuses on procedurally generating new locations for players. That means every level entered won’t be the same, which works perfectly for this game's premise.

You’ve been shipwrecked into an abandoned space station that’s infected with monstrous creatures. It’s our job to eliminate these monsters or die trying. But don’t worry, you can reload and try to defeat these creatures a second time. That’s why Endless Dungeon is amazing because there aren’t any limitations to the game's growth. Technically speaking, it’s the most inviting RTS game we’ve seen in years. Diablo and StarCraft should take notes.

The objective of Endless Dungeon is to survive until safety arrives, and the pathway out is shown. However, that could take minutes or hours, depending on your luck. Why, might you ask? Because each procedurally generated room will have new challenges for teammates to overcome. This creates a sense of uncertainty and adventure that should excite everyone, including us.

The procedural dynamics of Endless Dungeon will allow this game to sustain itself for years to come. Some insiders suggest this RTS title could last over 10+ years, as nobody will ever have the same experience.

We want to mention that Endless Dungeon is only accessible via Solo or Co-Op. This means you’ll have the option to play with two friends simultaneous.

Is Endless Dungeon Getting Released On The Xbox And PC?

Amplitude Studios and Sega have confirmed that Endless Dungeon is coming to all major consoles, including the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. PC Games will receive additional support through the Steam Store.

Will Endless Dungeon Be Part Of The Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Sega and Microsoft haven’t typically interacted with each other on a corporate level. This is causing us to speculate that Endless Dungeon won’t be released onto the Xbox Game Pass, at least not for years to come.

Things could change with the resurgence of gaming takeovers. It would be possible for Microsoft to purchase Sega. However, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Game Trailer

Endless Dungeon had an odd announcement trailer that could confuse some viewers. A woman is singing while our core characters are running for their lives. It appears that Amplitude Studios wants to emphasize that death & rebirth are part of the experience with Endless Dungeon.

The screenshots that have been shown suggest this game will be visually compelling and tactically advantageous for RTS fans. Therefore, Endless Dungeon has an opportunity to become as popular as Diablo or StarCraft.

Game System Requirements

Amplitude Studios hasn't provided an official account regarding the system requirements for Endless Dungeon. Therefore, predictions cannot be made without potentially risking yourself from the wrong purchase.

We are confident that the Nvidia GTX GeForce 3000 Series will be capable of handling anything involved with Endless Dungeon.