How To Fix House of Reckoning Stuck In Halo Infinite

House of Reckoning is a great mission, but many players are getting stuck. If you're one of those players, we're here to help.

Halo infinite house of reckoning stuck
Are you stuck in the House of Reckoning Mission? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's "House of Reckoning" mission is almost firefight-escque, as you race through arenas to reach Esharum. It's pretty fun, but has one fundamental flaw: players keep getting stuck in House of Reckoning. Now, I don't mean that they get stuck due to the mission's difficultly, but more due to a bad design decision that has players unable to proceed.

In the end, Halo Infinite's campaign is actually full of these bizarre decisions, something we discussed on the latest episode of The EarlyGame Podcast. From the troubled story that seems to now desperately need the rumoured Story DLC that we've been all frothing over, to that Scorpion Tank Gun that makes it insanely easy to complete a pretty solid LASO playthrough, Halo Infinite is riddled with issues.

We really don't mean to bash Halo Infinite, though, because it is a great game. It's just that, well, this House of Reckoning bug is absolutely driving us crazy. Honestly, if we hear "Marry had a Little Lamb" one more freaking time we will through our forking controller against the wall! Just hanging in this hangar, it's almost impossible to find what you need to find once you've entered the structure. Yes, it's not really a bug, but it may as well be one.

How To Fix Stuck in House of Reckoning in Halo Infinite

When playing through the "House of Reckoning" quest in Halo Infinite, you will eventually reach a massive hangar with a large structure in the center. Once you have seen the structure, simply enter it and take a look around for a glowing disc that is lying in front of some sandbags. Grab the Pilot's disc and this will then activate a cutscene, fixing your issue.

We completely understand why people are getting stuck here: there is no waypoint marker on the disk except for a slight glow. Activating this disk will, as we said, trigger a cutscene, and you will be able to begin the boss battle. The problem? That's not the only spot that people are getting stuck in.

How To Clear The Waves In The "House of Reckoning" Mission

We would recommend activating the different switches that are littered across the arena in House of Reckoning. These will spawn a Rocket Warthog and this will make it a ton easier for you to beat the several waves of enemies that ensue once you enter the arena. Here's where to find them:

  • The wall of the platform above Escharum's hologram message.
  • On the top of the large central tower.
  • From the top of the tower, grapple onto the metal beam on the right-hand side of the room.

So, that's the ticket to the House of Reckoning mission: make sure to find that glowing disk, and use the switches to spawn the Rocket Warthog. The most common place where people get stuck, though, is finding that disk and that is simply due to the fact that there is no waypoint marker, and it is really uncertain what you are supposed to do. We hope we helped! Cheerio, ladies and gents...