Hogwarts Legacy Exploit Guide: Glitching Into Every Common Room

The Common Rooms are some of the most beautifully designed areas in Hogwarts Legacy, and they're all worth visiting. Here's how to glitch into every Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy, no matter which House your character belongs to.

Glitching into every common room
A Gryffindor in the Slytherin Common Room! Merlin's beard, the students are finding even more exploits... | © Portkey Games

As we said our review, it's a real shame that Hogwarts Legacy doesn't do more with the Common Rooms. These rooms are delightful, and they're packed full of cool, nerdy little references, but we can only go in one per playthrough! Or so we thought.

Here's our guide to glitching into every Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy. Enjoy.

How To Glitch Into Any Common Room: Overview

There are glitch spots in Hogwarts Legacy that allow you to get beneath the map. Once you're underneath the map you can use an exploit to get into any of the Common Rooms you want. We've tested this method, and we can confirm that it works.

Here's an overview of what you'll be doing:

  1. Fast Travel to Irondale in the Feldcroft region.
  2. Manual save outside the house with the white cloth hanging outside.
  3. Walk into the white cloth to fall through the map.
  4. Fly to Hogwarts from below.
  5. Go to the Greenhouses and manual save.
  6. Fly underneath Hogwarts to the Common Room you want to enter.
  7. Find a surface you can dismount onto from your broom.

And if everything goes to plan, you will make it into the Common Room of your choosing. Enjoying exploring!

Step 1: Getting Beneath The Map In Irondale

The first thing you need to do to get into these Common Rooms is get beneath the map. Luckily, this isn't hard to do:

  1. Fast Travel to Irondale.
  2. Go to the house with the white cloth hanging outside.
  3. Drop a save.
  4. Walk into the cloth until you begin falling.
  5. Try and land on the platform beneath, otherwise you will die from the fall.

Keep loading and retrying until you successfully land on the platform beneath the map, like this:

Step 2: Travelling To Hogwarts And Saving Beneath The Greenhouse

Now that you've successfully been able to get onto the platform beneath the Irondale house, you're underneath the map. Here's what you need to do next:

  1. Mark Hogwarts on your map.
  2. Fly beneath the map to Hogwarts on your broom (whenever there is a rock formation blocking your path, go underneath it).
  3. From underneath Hogwarts you will see lots of clipped assets, but you should be able to clearly make out the Greenhouses, which are the most recognizable thing from below.
  4. Go beneath the Greenhouses and drop a manual save.

Now, time to start getting into those Common Rooms.

We can't use any of the mounts for this glitch, which is a damn shame because they're one of the coolest things in the game:

Step 3: Glitching Into The Common Rooms

We suggest using your manual save from beneath the Greenhouses as your starting point for visiting each of the Common Rooms. Simply load up that save, and follow these instructions to get into each of the Common Rooms.


Gryffindor isn't too hard. You just need to head towards the Faculty Tower, fly past the Fat Lady and dismount from your broom on the single white tile in the corner. You can see here where you need to go in this video:

This will get you into the Gryffindor boys dormitory.


Hufflepuff is also just as easy as Gryffindor. Turn around from the Greenhouses and head towards the grassy area above the Hufflepuff Common Room. You can see the exact ledge to dismount on in this video:

We glitched out doing this the first time because we ended up getting stuck in one of the assets, but because we had that manual save from beneath the Greenhouse, it wasn't a problem.


Ravenclaw is by far the trickiest and unless you really want to visit this Common Room I would save yourself the hassle. The problem with the Ravenclaw Common Room is that you need to go to their tower from the inside, then fly around as you keep pressing the dismount button until you get lucky.

You could try and line it up with exactly where we dismounted in the video, but that wasn't 100% reliable when we tried to repeat it.


To end, the largest and most luxurious Common Room: Slytherin. This one is by far the quickest, it's literally right opposite the Greenhouse:

As you can see we just pass between the two rock formations, then dismount on the stone ledge to the right.

And there you have it, your complete guide to glitching into every single Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy. We hope you found it helpful.

Which House did you pick in the end? And will you learn the Unforgivable Curses?