Summoners War Chronicles: Spires of Ascension Explained

The Spires of Ascension tower can be pretty tough in Summoners War Chronicles. We will help you understand it better and overcome the floors.

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The Spire of Ascension in Summoners War Chronicles are challenging and you need strategies for tackling each level.

The biggest challenges in the Spire are power level, healing, buffs, and the time limit.

In this guide, I'll share my experience and suggestions on how to level up your power of Ascension.

You can get the materials to power it up by going through the trial of Ascension or the Spire of Ascension.

Summoners War Chronicles: Spires of Ascension Explained

To progress in the Spire, you need to clear a stage and complete a challenge that requires your monsters to meet specific conditions.

You'll get green, bronze, and yellow materials for completing the first, second, and third challenge, respectively.

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To overcome these challenges, you need to bring the right monsters, which can be difficult depending on what players have pulled.

If you're struggling with the challenges of Spiers of Ascension, I'll offer helpful tips on how to beat the floors. This includes bringing the right monsters for each Summoner and element and providing free-to-play options for three-star, four-star, and even five-star units for each element.

I'll quickly go through each element and suggest tanks and healers for Orbia who can handle damage, strip buffs on light staff, and heal block on dark staff, and mention the challenges you may face in terms of power level, buffs, healing, and time limits.

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To progress correctly in the Tower of Ascension, I have learned that there are some important tips to keep in mind. Recently, there was an update to the Tower of Ascension, and it's a big deal for me. I've discovered that every ten new floors that I complete, whether normal or hard, will count as one full special room that I can do.

Previously, I was only allowed to do two special rooms per day, and if I completed another ten floors, it wouldn't let me go in. However, now I can complete them whenever I feel like it, which is great news. It's important to note, though, that it does not go over the cap, meaning if I go from floor 1 to 20, I'll still only be able to do one special room.

Completing the special room is worth it because it offers great rewards. On average, completing the special room will give you one and a half to three Mystic Scrolls per run, as well as some light and dark Scrolls and shards of the legendary roll piece. To do a full pool, I need 30 fragments, and the rewards can vary. I can get up to four of each shard thing and some extra Mystic scroll shards, but that's on the low end.

Additionally, I've discovered that the special room on the bottom also counts towards the buyers of Ascension. So if I complete the challenges, it will count as four rooms for the special room down there. This can add up to extra runs for me every Tower season, which happens every four weeks. Since there are 400 floors (1 through 200, normal and hard), this gives me a great opportunity to earn more rewards and progress even further in the Tower of Ascension.

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You need three specific monsters to complete a floor and it might be more challenging than the trial of ascension.

As soon as a floor becomes too hard for you, it would be good not to play in auto mode anymore but manually instead.

In my experience, focusing on the power of Ascension is more valuable for progression than cosmetics since it benefits all of my monsters. Additionally, summon power is crucial since it applies three times compared to summoner stats that only apply once. Along with power of Ascension, I recommend focusing on leveling up Celestial power based on the elements of the bosses I am struggling with or focusing on for dungeons.

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This improves survivability and damage. However, I suggest not leveling up Alchemy power unless actively using food since it doesn't provide any value otherwise. Lastly, immemorial power is essential for Summoner stats, and I recommend leveling it up if I need stats on my Summoner or if I want a little more damage on it.

These suggestions are based on my personal experience and preferences, and others may have different opinions. For example, in my proton account skills, I focused on monster stats since they apply to more units in my party. When leveling them up, I prioritized damage increase, followed by monster skill cooldown, and finally monster accuracy.

Tips For Monsters

When it comes to light teams, I suggest using Spire for Cliff defense and bringing Lin for extra damage. If you need a healer, Lightheart Magician is a solid 5-star option with AOE sleep.

Additionally, don't overlook the underrated 3-star units like Dark Desert Queen and Dark Spire Cleath, who work well when combined. For stunners, Dark Grim Reaper and Dark Fairy Soarin are both useful, with Soarin dealing more damage to stunned enemies and Grim Reaper doing more damage to enemies with damage over time.

If you use Helia as a healer, I recommend pairing her with a damage dealer like Cassie the Dark Cowgirl.

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  • If you're using Kina, Bulldozer is a great front line damage dealer with a heal block, and Fire Lich is a solid PvP damage dealer with defense penetration and self-attack and crit rate up buffs. Fire Grim Reaper, or Fire Harpu Colleen, who has an attack buff for damage dealers. Fire Lich is also a great damage dealer, as he can pull enemies together, has defense penetration, and self-buffs.
  • For Water Spire Kina, Water Frankenstein Tractor is a strong front line tank with AOE provoke and stun, while Nubia is an excellent 4-star free-to-play damage dealer. Nubia, Water Amazon Ellen, Water Inugami, and Water Werewolf, while Water Hell Lady Beth is a notable mention due to her silence.
  • For Wind Spire Kina, consider using Wind Golem Ragyan as a front line tank with self-shield and defense buff.If you're looking for healers, Ramahan is a solid damage dealer option, while Naomi, Wind Silph, Lightspire Cleath, and Light Fairy Neil are obtainable healers that work well with Cliff Lauren.

Alternatively, you can use Shushu or the five-star healer Lightheart Magician, who also has an AOE sleep.

  • For healers, the four-star fire Chloe is an excellent choice, particularly for fire support. Her S3 invincibility clears all harmful effects from allies and gives them complete cleanse, while her S2 recovers HP for nearby allies and applies a buff to team members with the lowest HP. The healing threshold for her invincibility goes up to 6 seconds, which is great for team survival. For water healers, there are three units tied between survival and DPS, including Michelle, who is a valuable choice due to her revive ability and the added benefits of her recovery ticks. Wind Rakaja is also a strong choice with a high healing capability that can carry players through much of the game. For light healers, the Enugami and Belladeon are both good options, with building HP being important for all of these monsters, while defense is essential for recovery-focused monsters like Michelle.

Players should also consider each monster's abilities, such as Belladeon's ability to remove beneficial effects and decrease skill cooldowns, when choosing their team composition.

Regarding Tiana, Iona, and Hal, I suggest looking into what monsters you already have and what your team needs. Tiana is a good reviver who can also reduce the cooldowns of team members' skills, while Iona is a reviver who can heal and shield. Hal can transfer harmful effects and heal, but compared to the other two,

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