Dr. Mundo Is Getting Changed

Just last year, Dr. Mundo got a huge VGU, with a whole new look and brand-new abilities. It seems that Riot isn't completely happy, and some changes might come to the big guy.

Dr Mundo splash HD
Dr. Mundo changes might come soon. | © Riot Games

Dr. Mundo is one of the most fun champions in the game even after his rework, but it seems that he still hasn't found his spot yet in the meta. At first, he was insanely strong in the jungle and now he's back in the top lane, but Riot is looking to make some adjustments to his kit.

Dr. Mundo sits at a decent 51.5% win rate currently, but Riot is looking to make him more popular by spicing things up and having him be a top tier late game top laner. What does this even mean for his kit, though? That's what we're going to check out right now.

Dr. Mundo Should Be More Skewed to Late Game

Currently, Dr. Mundo has pretty decent damage in the early game, but he falls off in the late game, and he basically becomes nothing more than a glorified minion. That's why Riot is looking to make some changes to the champion to let him have more of an impact in the late game.

The changes were shown on Twitter by Riot Twin Enso, though he did state that these changes aren't guaranteed to ship, so we just have to take them with a grain of salt for now and hope to see what comes of them.

These are the proposed changes to his kit:

Goes Where he Pleases (P)
  • Lose 7% current health, gain 8% max Health --> Lose 3% current health, gain 4% max health
  • Max Health regen: 0.8-1.6% max health per 5 seconds (linear progression) --> 0.5-2.25% (non-linear progression queals at roughly level 11)
Heart Zapper (W)
  • Always receive half of your Gray Health, reagless of Enemy Hit
Blunt Force Trauma (E)
  • Bonus AD: 15/20/25/30/35 + 25/30/35/40/45 based on missing health --> 4% max Health
  • [REMOVED] instantly kills small jungle monsters
  • Monster damage: 200% --> 250%
Maximum Dosage (R)
  • [Removed] Bonus AD
  • Missing Health as max health: 8/11.5/15% --> 15/20/25%

The bonus AD in lane was great for last hitting, but his E is going to have more scaling on the bonus AD, which is likely why it was removed from his ultimate. Especially in the laning phase when starting with Doran's shield and gaining added HP, you'll be able to scale your E bAD with health even in the earlier stages of the game.

The monster execute was likely removed from his E because in the late game, he's just going to be able to clear way too quickly with the execute, so Riot is trying to avoid his E being too powerful in the jungle and making Dr. Mundo the OP jungle pick of Season 12.

Overall, these changes might lower his AD, but he is going to have much better HP scaling and health regeneration. These changes likely won't be part of LoL Patch 12.15 since they aren't even on PBE yet, but we could expect them in the near future.

Is Mundo one of them?