Is Kai'Sa Getting Reworked?

Kai'Sa has been too strong in the mid lane so is she going to be getting a rework?

Void Kai'Sa
Hold up... | © Riot Games

Kai'Sa has been a much-talked about champion in recent times. She's one of the most played champions at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. A super strong mid lane pick with her unique AP build, and an all around fun champion. So, what is Riot doing to her exactly?

First of all, no guys, she's not getting reworked, we're safe from that. Instead, she's going to be getting a slight makeover. Whether this is also happening in-game has not been revealed yet though.

New Kai'Sa Splash Art

On the League of Legends Universe page, Kai'Sa has a new, unique look. The last time we saw her was during the 2022 League of Legends Season 12 trailer, where she fought alongside Taliyah against Rek'Sai. In the final moment so the fight, she lures the Void creature into a hole and back into the Void, sacrificing herself.

Well, that sacrifice seems to have had some dire consequences for the Void beauty. In the new splash art, she is completely corrupted by the Void, with her eye glowing and tentacles wrapping around her. Not only that, but a few other things have also changed from her original splash art.

Some of the void creatures have been replaced by Void fish in the splash. Throughout the last few months we've figured out that the next League of Legends champion — Bel'Veth is actually going to look similar to a manta ray. Also, there has been much talk of 'swarms' and fish in regard to the Void as weell.

What Could This Mean?

So, while Kai'Sa might look a bit different, it probably means nothing for her kit. Riot is probably going down the same route they did when Gangplank 'died' in his lore. Back then, Riot deleted the champion from the game completely. Hard to believe, right?

Well, with the Void taking front and center in the next League of Legends event, it seems that Kai'Sa will be a huge part of the event along with Malzahar and Vel'Koz — who both had their Void trailers leaked early.

So, while Kai'Sa is looking a bit worse for wear, this will not mean that she is getting reworked or anything. Riot is just creating the right atmosphere for the release of their next Void champion, as well as the 2022 Void event.