LoL Patch 12.03 Highlights [Update]

The bruiser and fighter system got an overhaul in LoL patch 12.03, but what else is new in this LoL patch?

Withered Rose Elise
This Elise skin is to die for. | © Riot Games

Patch 12.03 just got released and there are quite a few changes that have hit the rift. The biggest change being the fighter item update. Which champions were nerfed though and what does Ahri look like after her rework?

Let’s go over the biggest changes LoL patch 12.03 has to offer. For a complete list of all buffs and nerfs, make sure to check out our previous article!

Janna Nerf in B-Patch

Janna has swept summoner's rift. Not only is she one of the best support champions, but she's also a prominent top lane pick. Players have started to pick Janna top lane with Smite to roam the map and get her team ahead.

Therefore, Riot has decided to nerf her in a hotfix patch 12.03. Her base movement speed has been cut, her W Zephyr bonus movement speed as well and her E heal and shield power duration was lowered to 4 seconds (upon slowing or knocking up at least one enemy) from 5.

Zeri Nerfed in LoL Patch 12.03

In a mid-patch update, Zeri received a nerf which would weaken her synergy with Runaan’s Hurricane when using her ultimate. But that wasn’t enough for Riot, and the new ADC got quite a few changes in this patch.

Zeri and Trinity Force were too strong, so Riot has made a few changes to her kit. Zeri’s attack speed? Lowered. Her basic attacks? The full charge damage based on missing health, also lowered.

The magic damage on her ultimate was also lowered from 10/20/30(+15% AP) to 10/15/20(+15% AP). To make players build crit on Zeri, she can now crit with her magic damage from the ult.

Ahri Update in LoL Patch 12.03

Ahri is getting an ASU in 2022, but before that, Riot has decided to refresh her abilities and give her ultimate some more spunk to bring her into the right century. She is going to continue being a mobile mage, but a lot more powerful, and hopefully more people play her.

She’s now got a partial reset on her ultimate, which means anyone that knows how to play Ahri can really pop off on this mid lane mage. One thing Riot did nerf on her kit was her burst damage, but you’ll be able to rush around the map with ease thanks to the update.

Fighter Changes in LoL Patch 12.03

The biggest change that came in this patch is the update to the fighter system. Until recently, fighters have felt like they got too much HP and did too much damage, so Riot decided to switch things up for these ‘low risk - high rewards’ champions.

Mythic items are shifting from being health-based to giving fighters more damage. Not every bruiser should be tanky, right? Right. Those juggernauts that are big beefcakes will have to buy specific legendary items to fill their HP bars.

When it comes to legendaries for fighters, Riot went with the same philosophy. More AD, less HP. Oh, and let’s not forget that Sterak’s Gage shouldn’t be a ‘must buy’ item on any fighter after LoL Patch 12.03.

So, all you Fiora and Xin Zhao mains sadly won’t have 3K HP by the end of the game. You’ll have to think before jumping into a fight. So, even though this might look like a top lane change, the jungle will also be heavily impacted with this update.

Akshan Crystal Rose
He just reminds me of Tarzan in a tux. | © Riot Games

Skins Released in LoL Patch 12.03

Three new skins will hit Summoner’s Rift. We’re in the middle of the Lunar Revel event, but those skins came out last patch. This time, we’re getting some fancy skins from the Crystal and Withered Rose skin line.

These are all the champions getting Withered and Crystal Rose skins:

  • Crystal Rose Janna
  • Crystal Rose Akshan
  • Withered Rose Elise

Those are some of the biggest updates in this patch. Make sure to test out the new Zeri changes and have fun playing some League of Legends before the release of Renata Glasc!