Rocket League Turns 7 – Birthday Ball Event Release Date & Info

Rocket League is already seven years old! Crazy how time flies. On the occasion of this anniversary, Psyonix has now announced Birthday Ball. Find out what you need to know about the event right here.

Birthday Ball RL
Birthday Ball to celebrate Rocket League's 7th anniversary! | © Psyonix

Even after 7 years, Rocket League is still one of the most popular games ever. Since our favorite car soccer game from Psyonix is still such a big success after such a long time – just take a look at the current player numbers – there will be a proper celebration for this anniversary.

The new Birthday Ball event is coming to Rocket League, making summer a little sweeter. You're in for festivities, two weeks of fun, and two returning limited-time game modes. Oh yeah, there are rewards and other goodies in the Rocket League Item Shop too!

What Is Birthday Ball In Rocket League?

Birthday Ball is a new summer event in Rocket League, with which Psyonix wants to celebrate seven years of Rocket League. Accordingly, the loyal community can look forward to a couple of different things: Returning game modes, fresh rewards and numerous challenges are waiting for you.

We have summarized the announcement of Birthday Ball just for you...

Birthday Ball Game Modes – Heatseeker & Knockout

With Heatseeker and Knockout, two popular game modes return for the community to play during the summer event. If you've never heard of these two terms before, we've summarized the rules in a few sentences:

  • In Heatseeker, you'll fight for victory in chaotic 2v2 matches. In this mode, the ball has magical powers and always finds its way to the goal.
  • In Knockout, there's a lot more going on. You can attack, block, or grab your opponents and throw them out of different arenas. It's like Battle Royale in Rocket League. Nice.

However, not both game modes will be available at the same time. Heatseeker will take you through the first week of Birthday Ball, while Knockout will be unlocked in the second week. This way, Psyonix provides a little variety, and you can take care of your Ranked Climb at the same time...

Birthday Ball Challenges

If you spend a lot of time with Rocket League anyway, then you should also complete the Birthday Ball challenges – you'll get a lot in return. Among other things, you can earn a total of 300 Rocket League credits after completing all challenges. That's not enough for most of the current bundles, but it's definitely better than nothing. Can't really complain here.

However, that's not all you can earn. How about 20,000 XP to level up your Rocket Pass? Or even an Import Item Drop could be worth it for you. Or maybe you just want the new Player Banner "Golden Goat" or the Avatar Border "Precious Metal". There should definitely be something for everyone.

Birthday Ball Items & Rewards

During the Birthday Ball event, you should also check out the Rocket League Item Shop – there you can find some new anniversary items. The Fennec – the best Battle Car in Rocket League – will be repainted and available in Titanium White. You'll also get the "Fancy Formal" Decal on top!

And because we're in the middle of Rocket League Season 7, Psyonix is also releasing two new Golden Items. With the "Spyder: Anniversary Edition" Wheels and the "Cylinder: Anniversary Edition" Topper, you can really let your car body shine. Bling Bling.

Start And End Dates Of Birthday Ball – When Is The Release?

Birthday Ball starts on July 6 and will be available in Rocket League for just under two weeks until July 19. During this time, you will be able to collect the items and rewards mentioned above and complete the challenges.

That's it, guys. Now you know everything there is to know about Birthday Ball in Rocket League. Grab some ice cream, fire up the fan next to you, and launch the game on your PC while the event is still running. You can try to sweat for the rewards at the end of each Rocket League Season later – Season 7 has just started, so you have a lot of time left.