Rocket League Pro & Super Bowl Running Back: Meet Boston Scott

Is it possible to be a Rocket League pro while also playing for one of the best teams in the NFL? Well, if your name is Boston Scott, then yes. He's just so good at what he's doing, whether it's in a real-life stadium or the battle arena.

Boston Scott RL Super Bowl
Boston Scott: Rocket League pro and Super Bowl running back! | © Psyonix / Boston Scott via Twitter

While it sounds like the National Football League (NFL) and Rocket League don't have much in common, you might be surprised that there's actually some history between the two. Remember Gridiron, the American Football mode in Rocket League? Good times.

That's not the end of their love story, though, as there is a certain someone, who's one of the best on either pitch: Boston Scott. He will not only play in this year's Super Bowl LVII, but is soo close to Supersonic Legend as well. Just a freak. Let's get to know the running back better!

This Is Boston Scott

Boston Scott is an American football player who's currently under contract as a running back for the Philadelphia Eagles. The 27-year-old is enjoying a fairly successful season with his team, facing the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

However, before he rose to NFL stardom, he always was and still is a passionate gamer. His childhood hero – Sonic the Hedgehog – and his love for fast cars ultimately brought him to Rocket League. At least since he joined the Rocket League Team Dignitas, many should already know about his love and affinity for the gaming industry.

Even though the team hasn't managed to grab top spot during the 2022-23 RLCS season so far, Dignitas is still one of the best and most popular organizations in the world and competes in almost every major tournament.

To be honest, Boston Scott hasn't competed in any of those competitions – he's just a substitute for Dignitas and is fourth in line behind his teammates Andrew "Andy" Nolan, Andres "dreaz" Jordan and Jordan "Evoh" Manley.

Boston Scott's Rocket League Rank

According to himself, Boston Scott has put in the grind and made his way to Grand Champion in the Rocket League rank distribution, which puts him in the top 1% of players. That's a common place to be for many RL pros, since most of them focus on team play and specific mechanics of the game, instead of just grinding it out.

Always keep in mind: Just a couple of players get to Supersonic Legend each season and most of them aren't Rocket League pros.

Boston's Rocket League Camera Settings

Camera Settings

Boston Scott's Camera Settings

Camera shakeNo




Swivel speed


Transition speed1.30
Ball cameraToggle

If you watch a few videos of Boston Scott, it's pretty easy to see that the NFL player seems to be a pretty chill dude. If you want to know more about him, he has his own playlist with a few videos on the Dignitas YouTube channel.

On top of that, some of his gameplay clips are posted to YouTube, for example this clutch 3 vs 1 session where he shows off some of his freestyle abilities:

Boston Scott's dream is to win both the Super Bowl and the Rocket League World Championship during his playing career. As a running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, he will have the chance to make one of his dreams come true on February 13, 2022.

During the NFL off-season, he can then focus on his next goal: Dignitas has to step up their game in the 2022-23 RLCS Winter Split and the upcoming Spring Split to qualify for the World Championship in August.

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