Top 10 Best SMGs in Warzone

It can be hard to keep track of the Warzone meta, so we've put together a ranking of the top 10 Submachine Guns in the current meta.
Best SM Gs in Warzone
How do the older weapons stack up these days. | © Activision

Submachine Guns have had a hard time finding their feet in Warzone Pacific, especially when compared to the relative dominance they enjoy in multiplayer. Of course, their problem is a lack of range, but that being said, they can make fantastic support secondaries to longer-range weapons. So sit back and enjoy our ranking of the ten best SMGs in Warzone.

If you want something to couple with your SMG, then why not check out our rankings of the other weapon classes:

1. H4 Blixen (VG)

When the H4 Blixen was introduced into Warzone it quickly jumped to the top of the meta and even after the nerfs in season 4, it still remains the top SMG. It's super versatile, because you can build it a lot of different ways. It has great handling, mobility, TTK and low recoil. I mean, come on, that's the perfect cocktail for an op SMG. We opted for a strafe speed build, which seems to have gotten better after the various attachment changes.

H4 Blixen Header
King of the SMGs. | © Activision

2. Marco 5 (VG)

The new SMG is absolutely insane. If you've scrolled through Twitter in the last day, you will have seen a ton of clips with the Marco. The movement speed build will 100% get nerfed in the future. You run faster with this gun, then you did after using a stim, and we're talking pre nerf stims. And if you use 'Momentum' on this gun and get a kill, you'll be breaking cameras like crazy. This gun is just bonkers, so take advantage of it while you can. Here's the Usain Bolt build.

Marco 5 loadout
The new SMG is absolutely insane and top tier. | © Activision

3. Type 100 (VG)

TTK-wise the Type 100 has been and still is the top dog. Nothing competes with the Type 100 when you only look at TTK. Unfortunately, the mag size keeps it from becoming the best SMG, plus the recoil is quite hard to control. Great option for solos, basically a guaranteed free kill if anyone steps to close. So this is definitely the gun for people that only care about TTK and mostly play solos. Check out the meta attachment setup.

Typ 100 Header
Typ 100 is the TTK king in Warzone. | © Activision

4. Sten (VG)

The Sten has always been quite an underrated SMG, but given that a movement speed meta is upon us in Warzone, the Sten might finally be recognized as a solid choice. With the right build, this gun has an insane amount of strafe speed.

You run faster while in ADS than you would normally. Just think about that. It’s not supposed to work like that. If you love moving around while shooting enemies and making them miss, this is certainly the gun for you. Give this build a try and see how you like it.

Sten Header
The Sten has an insane strafe speed. | © Activision

5. Welgun (VG)

The Welgun has been a part of the meta since its launch, and it seems like it will still be meta for the upcoming season. It has a great TTK and insane mobility. Great but not the best, which is why it lands in 5th. But if you can’t be bothered to level the other guns, there’s no shame in sticking with this reliable gun. Our recommended Welgun build is more focussed for super close-range fights, but you can always swap out the barrel or mag, to suit your play style.

Welgun Header
Still a great SMG. | © Activision

6. Armaguerra 43 (VG)

The Armaguerra 43 is a really good SMG that was introduced with Vanguard Season 2: Reloaded. It's currently sitting somewhere between an AR and an SMG which makes it a perfect Sniper Support. Chose the right attachments for more range, bullet velocity and recoil control, and you are good to go. In season 4 this is definitely the best ground loot SMG, because it is so consistent and doesn't really rely on attachments.

Armaguerra 43 Header
Such an under used gun. Give it a try. | © Activision

7. MAC–10 (BOCW)

A few smaller buffs finally make the Mac-10 viable again. The MAC-10 is not what it once was. We'll admit that upfront, but even after all those nerfs, it still deserves a place in our list (which should tell you how broken it was if you weren't there to experience it). The MAC-10 has a fair kick to it, and we wouldn't advise it at any range, but within its comfort zone, the MAC-10 still shreds and can't be denied a place up among the best SMGs in Warzone. We would probably recommend this weapon setup for the MAC-10.

Mac 10 Header
If you loved this back in the day, then give it another shot, you might be surprised. | © Activision

8. MP-40 (VG)

The MP-40 still has an insanely high pick rate, probably because people can’t be bothered to unlock and level the newer SMGs - totally understandable. It has definitely dropped in the meta rankings, but it’s still a very usable gun.

The TTK, handling and mobility are nowhere near the top 5, but definitely still top 10. A big benefit this gun has, is that it just feels great to use, which is why it gained so much popularity in the first place. Here's the build you want for it.

MP 40 Header
A classic, for good reason. | © Activision

9. PPSh (VG)

The Vanguard PPSH is still a very solid option, especially if you love hip fire guns. But it looks like the Marco 5 will be the new hip fire king in Warzone. Nonetheless, the VG PPSH is still a very solid 2nd place. And if you don’t like hip fire guns, it also has a good close range build that isn’t so reliant on hip fire. Check out the current attachment meta for the PPSh.

VG PPSH Header
Hip fire monster. | © Activision

10. MP5 (MW)

What can we say about this legend? This is one of the very, very few Modern Warfare weapons that was able to compete with the poorly balanced BOCW weapons on release. And it continues to be one of the most popular options, even post-Vanguard integration, for good reason. The 2019 MP5 has great iron sights, so you can effectively take an extra slot for attachments. The MP5 build is just super flexible and can be adjusted according to your play style. Just a great gun.

MW MP5 Header
Pure nostalgia. | © Activision

Which SMG Has The Best TTK In Warzone?

The Type 100 has had the best TTK for quite some time now, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change. With the rapid barrel, the recoil booster and the 36 round mag, nothing will beat you up close - except for shotguns, obviously. Unfortunately, it has the same downside as the AS VAL back in the day: mag size. To reach the gun's full potential, you have to use the 36 round mag, which, if you’re playing Trios or Squads, is basically a kill and reload type of gun. If the gun had a good reload time, it would still be quite solid, but that isn’t the case. If you’re a solo's player, then you have to use the Type 100, because nothing competes with it.

And there you have it, the best SMGs in the Warzone right now. Definitely abuse the broken 'Taped Grip' attachment, and you'll be whizzing around the new Fortune's Keep map, like the roadrunner back in the day. What do you think of the current meta? Is it balanced, or do some weapons need fine-tuning?