Another Sad Day For Bloodborne Fans

A fan of Midnight Mass, the acclaimed horror series, recently likened it to Bloodborne on Twitter. But the Midnight Mass cast weren't flattered by the comparison. In fact, they had a few choice words to say about Bloodborne in its current state...

Bloodborne sad day
Bloodborne fans are the Meg Griffins of the FromSoft fanbase. | © Sony

Poor old Bloodborne. It was released too early to be enjoyed in glorious 4K. If only it had been a game of the PS5-era, we could have seen its horrors in all their terrible detail. But alas, we'll only ever get to enjoy this game on the now-obsolete PS4.

Well, that's what disappointed fans assume. They were probably expecting a PS5 upgrade by now, but will that ever happen? One celebrity doubts it...

Bloodborne Gets Roasted By Midnight Mass Actor

British actor and star of Midnight Mass Rahul Kohli has got himself into hot water with Bloodborne fans after rejecting a comparison between the game and his own show. This was in response to a fan on Twitter who first made the comparison.

The fan was intending to be complimentary to Midnight Mass when he compared it to Bloodborne:

But Rahul Kohli noticed one important difference between Midnight Mass and Bloodborne:

And he's right. Where the hell is the PS5 upgrade we want for Bloodborne? Are FromSoftware still focusing on the Game of the Year? Perhaps. But this seems like a missed opportunity for the studio, especially when other's have shown how much hype remasters can get these days.

But we should add, for any fans of both Midnight Mass and Bloodborne, Rahul Kohli is a sincere fan of the franchise, and just wants the best for this game. He added later:

It's okay Rahul, we get it. There's nothing we want more either.

Is Bloodborne Ever Getting An Upgrade For PS5?

At one point rumors suggested a Bloodborne upgrade for PS5 was in development, but given how long it's been since we've heard anything concrete, we think it's looking less and less likely. We cannot tell you with certainty that this upgrade has been cancelled, but especially when you consider how well Elden Ring has performed, there just doesn't seem like enough incentive there for the guys over at FromSoftware.

We will of course update you if we hear more on this front, but until then, perhaps we can recommend you try some of their more recent games (which are being updated)?

Bloodborne might not be getting a PS5 remaster, but this puppy is...