Halo Infinite's "Tactical Ops" Release Date Leaked

Halo Infinite long-rumored "Tactical Ops" Event finally has a release date, if leaks are to be believed.

Halo infinite tactical ops release date
Halo Infinite's "Tactical Ops" Event is coming up... if it even exists! | © 343 Industries

When I revealed the potential "Tactical Ops" Event a few weeks back, you could say that I was a little "spent". Now, you could say that even more. No announcements, no new content in the Mid-Season Update, and a Roadmap that is so depressing I would at times rather than talk about Call of Duty: Vanguard. Yes, Vanguard, one of the worst Call of Duty games to ever release. Seriously.

It is thus with very little pleasure that I bring you the news that we, maybe – and I do emphasize, maybe – have a release date for this rumored event. You've got to find this all a little tedious. For starters, another forking Event? Really? Not, like, new content of some kind? Oh, and 343 Industries haven't even announced the bloody thing, so we don't even know if all these leaks and stuff have even been accurate! What is going on over at 343 Industries? No one bloody knows.

In recent weeks, those of us who still care have been carefully looking at Halo Infinite's declining player base with a great deal of concern. It seems that, unsurprisingly, minor events like Fracture: Tenrai and Cyber Showdown are not cutting the mustard, especially seeing as the campaign still lacks co-op and Forge doesn't seem to be anywhere near a release. It's kind of absurd, isn't it? Don't they want to retain a player-base? If so, then this ain't the way to do it.

So, when is the "Tactical Ops" Release Date?

Leaks suggest that "Tactical Ops" will actually begin on March 8, 2022, and will run until March 21. This according to good ol' @HaloNoticiasMX on Twitter, who has been delivering some pretty killer leaks recently, and a bunch of amazing leaked Forge footage. A dataminer, this bloke jumped into some code and delivered a little nugget for our beloved enjoyment (if this is your thing, that is):

"Name": "Tactical Ops",
"Description": "Test your aim in a high stakes battle"
"OperationNumber": 1,
"DateRange": "March 8th, 2022 – March 21st, 2022",
"IsRitual": true,
"SummaryImagePath": "progression/RewardTracks/Olympus_"
"WeekNumber": null
"BackgroundImagePath": ""

Do you know what any of this means? Well it pretty much confirms that the Event – which is, as stated, named "Tactical Ops" – is set to be available between the "Date Range" of March 8 to March 21. Now, we don't have access to the original source of these codes, so we cannot independently verify that this is all legit, but the leaker in question has been pretty trustworthy in the past.

Whatever all of this means, one thing is for certain: it's going to take more than this "Tactical Ops" Event to make the fanbase happy. 343 Industries have really shot themselves in the foot with these delayed releases, missing features, and constant focus on things like the Halo Item Shop and the Weekly Challenges. These are all great ideas, but need to be complemented with sustained new content, and a complete game, if Microsoft and 343 really want Halo Infinite to become the live-service game they are aiming for.