Honkai Star Rail Prime Gaming Loot: How To Claim Your Free Stellar Jades!

Honkai Star Rail has Prime Gaming Loot now! Find out about all the free rewards and how you can claim them, to progress a little faster towards your goals!

Hsr prime gaming
Honkai Star Rail: Claim your free Prime Gaming Loot right now! | © HoYoverse

Are you an Amazon Prime member and do you play HoYoverse's new gem: Honkai Star Rail? — Lucky you! That means, you have met all the requirements to pick up your free goodies! Pretty easy so far, and it won't get any more complicated at this point.

HoYoverse offers already Prime Gaming Loot for Genshin Impact, and now they prepared some sweet rewards for Honkai Star Rail for you to collect as well. You can collect new resources each month.

Let's see what our Prime Gaming Loot has in store for us this month!

Honkai Star Rail Prime Rewards for June 2023

The first loot bundle is available since May 15, and you can claim it until June 21. The next one will be waiting for you right after the first one expired!

This month's code will provide you with the following loot:

  • 60 Stellar Jades
  • 40,000 Credits
  • 5 Refined Aether

Not too bad, am I right? Everyone can most definitely use some Stellar Jade after the new Jing Yuan Banner just came up!

Honkai Star Rail: How To Claim Your Prime Loot

Claiming your free goodies for Honkai Star Rail is way easier than it is for other games! No annoying account linking is required, which reduces the number of possible errors by a lot! Your Stellar Jades are just a few easy mouse clicks away.

Hsr prime gaming
This is where to get your code for Honkai Star Rail loot. | © Amazon

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have an active Amazon Prime membership.
  2. Head to the official Prime Gaming website and look for Honkai Star Rail.
  3. On the right, you can find a button that says “Get in-game content”
  4. You should see an overlay that includes a code for Honkai Star Rail. Copy said code.
  5. Start Honkai Star Rail and press ESC to open the menu.
  6. Next to your name, there are three dots which will give you the option to redeem codes.
  7. Enter your code right here:
Hsr code
Enter your code right here! | © HoYoverse
  • Check your mail in Honkai Star Rail to claim the loot!

Those were all the steps to claim your free goodies for Honkai Star Rail. Hope you put your Stellar Jades to good use! Check out Prime gaming each month for new rewards and discover free loot even for other games!

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