Uncharted Reportedly Getting A Reboot

According to publication The Leak, Uncharted is being rebooted, but Sony are getting another studio to do, not Naughty Dog. You can find everything we know about the reboot below.

Uncharted Reboot
And you thought the story was over? Oh no, we're getting an Uncharted Reboot baby! | © Naughty Dog

Don't worry, we aren't talking about Uncharted mobile, which we first heard about last year. We're talking about a new console Uncharted game. Well, a reboot, actually. The original devs mentioned back in January of this year that they wanted a sequel, and in March we thought we had evidence that this is what they were working on. But it turns out the original studio, Naughty Dog, won't be involved much in this project at all...

Uncharted Is Getting A Reboot

According to The Leak, Uncharted is getting a reboot, developed by a new, unknown studio. They claim that two anonymous sources gave them this information:

According to two independent sources, Sony decided to reboot the series earlier this year before handing it to an unknown developer. However, Naughty Dog is expected to initially assist the new team.

While we can only speculate, the series could take two different routes. Either rebooting with a young Nathan Drake set to explore new adventures. Or with a new character but with a cameo from Drake.

We can't attest to The Leak, and we can't find an example of them reporting on something first and being correct. But, they are a young publication, so this might be one of their first big breaks. It would also make logical sense for Sony to produce an Uncharted reboot, so it's well within the realm of possibility. We'll keep you posted.

And there you have it folks, everything we know about the reported Uncharted reboot. Let's just hope it's better than that terrible movie...

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