Are We Getting more Seraphine Music in 2022?

Two years ago Riot released Seraphine alongside the K/DA comeback and while many hope for a new song by the pop group, they might be disappointed to learn that Seraphine could be making her solo comeback in 2022 instead.

Ocean song seraphine prestigte
Is Seraphine making a comeback? | © Riot Games

With everyone focusing on the 2022 Star Guardian event and the upcoming skins, some have completely forgotten that Riot has actual music groups as well, right? Sure, our video editor holds out hope for a 2022 K/DA comeback, while a lot of fans also have their fingers crossed that True Damage is making a comeback, but what you might get is completely different from what you expect.

Seraphine might be making a comeback this year according to leakers. But what makes them say this and is there any conclusive evidence that she could be returning to the big stage to perform in front of everyone? Let's check out everything we know about a potential Seraphine comeback.

Seraphine Comeback Leaked in China

This leak comes from China, where during an official League of Legends live stream on the Riot Games Music page, the page itself commented indicating that Seraphine could be coming back soon. The comment stated, "Everyone let's look forward to Seraphine's comeback and new song."

Now if that isn't full proof that Lexie Liu aka the voice of Seraphine will be performing as the up-beat Piltovan pop star once more, then I don't know what is... this comment was made by the official Riot Games Music China page so it should be real, right? This isn't just us desperately clinging to a semblance of hope that Seraphine could be making more music.

Riot to Hold "Music Festival" At Worlds 2022

This is another rumor that has been floating around, which stated that Riot is working on a big music festival for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. With K/DA, True Damage and Pentakill each being a huge success adding a solo Seraphine to the mix could also be a possiblity.

It is important to note that none of this is confirmed and these are just leaks and rumors which are floating around the internet. With Ahri, Akali, Kai'Sa and Seraphine all already receiving skins in 2022 it does seem unlikely for them to get more skins in 2022, right?

Maybe this is the time for Riot to final reveal their emo boy group that's been in the works... okay just another rumor, but it would be a dream come true to have an emo resurgence in 2022 as well. Thus, we only have rumors to go off of, but it seems that the most likely candidate to get another music skin in 2022 is Seraphine if the official Chinese music channel wasn't just trying to hype people up.