How To Be A Tiny Spartan In Halo Infinite

A crazy bug has infected Halo Infinite, creating tiny Spartans left, right and center.

Halo infinite tiny spartan
This guy brings a whole new meaning to that "Don't Tread On Me" flag. | © 343 Industries

In another installment of "look at this funny thing" I come to you with a bug unlike any other. It's no secret that Halo Infinite isn't the most polished experience. There are a few problems spinning around, many of which were addressed more-or-less successfully in the mid-Season Update, and most of which come from bad design choices (for example, the issues we all had with the Battle Pass when the game dropped back in December) rather than bugs and glitches. This one fits into more of the latter category, but don't worry, it is more funny than game-breaking.

I mean, I'll be real with you, this is going to be more of a light chuckle than a full-on belly laugh. It's going to be a little bit a "huh, that's kind of amusing" and not an "oh my god, oh my god, show me that again, that's freakin' hilarious"! Look, I am aware that this barely selling you on this article. It's hardly going to make you think "oh, hey, I guess I should keep reading to find out what this dude's talking about". For good reason too, honestly if you're looking for something mind-blowing read my column from the weekend. If not, then I guess here's a kind-of-funny but not-really glitch...

Huh! Just joking, first I am going to give you a bit of context. Halo Infinite came out in December, it's great (so much better than Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042, those games are complete turds), and choc-a-block full of content. From the great campaign, complete with Skulls and clues, a big open-world and tons of stuff to unlock, to the awesome multiplayer that does, admittedly, have some pretty over-priced cosmetics, Halo Infinite's worth checking out. Let's get on with things, though...

Do You Wanna Be A Tiny Spartan?

Reddit is the place to go for all things funny-Halo related, and this time it hasn't failed us, either. User xXBarthXx posted an encounter he had with a bug that shrunk the Spartan in the Halo Infinite armory. What happens is if you continuously press inspect and back, over and over and over again, the Spartan in the background will continue to shrink until it completely disappears. For good ol' Barthy the Spartan respawned after he completely left the Mythic Effect Set Menu, but hey, that's pretty funny, isn't it? Check it out:

If you keep selecting "Inspect" and "Back" over and over again on Mythic Effect Sets your Spartan move backwards until they go out of the armory from halo

This has spurred a weird amount of outrage in the Halo community, from players whom blame 343 Industries for not polishing the game enough. To those players, we say the following: seriously guys, is this the biggest problem on your mind right now? Honestly, 343 Industries should really fix other bugs before they bother spending the time required to fix something so pointlessly inconsequential.

You see, every game is glitchy to a certain extent, even games that are notoriously well-polished will break at a certain point if you fork around with it enough. Developers want to focus on getting you a few more maps, some new content, and fixing the issues that actually matter rather than the plight of a tiny Spartan in a bloody menu (seriously, this isn't even real gameplay!). Calm your self.

We know that most of you won't calm down, though, because you like to be outraged. Thus, I will end this article by presenting you with a few things that are actually worth being outraged about. Activision have actively blocked their staff from unionizing, they are also facing accusations of widespread sex discrimination and harassment. On a broader level, Russia has attacked Ukraine and there are game developers who are being effected by the chaos. Oh, and The Rock has beef with Joe Rogan... for some unknown reason. There you go, here's a list of legitimate worries. Cheerio!