What is the Current Map Rotation in Valorant?

In this article, you will find all the maps you can queue in Unrated and Competitive modes!

Valorant map rotation
Is Fracture out of the pool already? | © Riot Games

Feeling confused about what maps you might get queued into in Valorant nowadays? Are you anxious that you will have to play on Fracture or Breeze? Well, it doesn't have to be a case at all! Here are all the currently available maps in Competitive and Unrated game modes.

Current Map Rotation in Valorant

As of now, i.e., in Episode 6 Act 1, the main pool of maps that you can queue in Competitive and Unrated game modes looks as follows:

The last change to the map pool came in Patch 6.0, which dropped Breeze and Bind from the pool in exchange for a slightly revised Split and Lotus, which was then a new map. We expect that the map pool in Valorant will always contain 7 maps, and this depends on how the map selection system works.

Valorant Map Selection System Explained

When the game was released, what map you queued into was absolutely random. Nowadays, the map selection system in Valorant basically removes all maps you have played twice in the past five games from the pool. However, if all maps are eliminated in this way, the map with the least amount of games on it will be the one you will queue into. Yup, it is still random, but you can somewhat predict what map you might be playing on.

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