Summoners War Chronicles: How To Beat White Shadow Castle

You reach your limits in Summoners War Chronicles at White Shadow Castle? We have a guide that will help you!

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This is a guide to help players of the game Summoners War Chronicles, which is free to play, learn how to succeed in the game. While players can rely on their guildmates and friends to carry them through the White Shadow Castle raid, this guide will show players how to succeed on your own and how to group up with random players.

The first tip is to be confident in your ability to perform well in the game. If you perform well, it doesn't matter if you get kicked from random groups for raids. In raids, such as White Shadow Castle and Foggy Prison, players can get away with not having a bonus, but they may still get kicked out of the group of random players. To avoid getting kicked out, players can choose a different monster to use in the raid that better suits their team composition.

Players need to bring the right monsters into the game to succeed in White Shadow Castle. This depends on the other two members of the raid team. To get the bonus, players need to have a team power of over 292,000.

Players can play with their monster compositions in the Create Party menu to test their team compositions. If players are going in with friends and guildmates, they don't need to worry about the bonus.

If you are still looking for good game ideas, you can have a look here.

In terms of monster composition, players need to bring about two healers into the raid. For example, players can bring Soon and Woosa, with Bastet providing support healing. With Soon's AOE heal, Woosa's continuous heal over time, and Bastet's attack and shield up skills, players can stack the healing and avoid most of the damage in the raid.

Summoners War Chronicles: How To Beat White Shadow Castle

I will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to defeat the White Shadow Castle raid boss. This boss is quite challenging, but you can start attempting it once your power level is around 270,000 and you have beaten Foggy Prison ten times.

Once you have completed the area exploration quest line, make sure to speak to a couple of people before receiving the "defeat the boss" quest, as you will not get credit for it otherwise. You can accept multiple area quests at once, so make sure to do so to avoid missing out on any rewards.

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There are two versions of this fight: the slow fight, which is difficult, and the speed fight, which is easy. The slow fight can be done with three players at 270,000 power or above, but the more power you have, the easier it will be. You won't need to build any new units, but it is recommended that you bring a defense breaker, healing or cleanse sustain, and damage.

For Orbia mains, make sure to bring your wind staff as its skill 2 has a defense break, giving you more flexibility in team building. You might also consider switching out Shannon for Bastet, as her skill 1 deals damage based on the number of harmful effects applied. F

or free-to-play team compositions, you can use Konamiya, Shannon, and Naomi as the bare minimum. If you have Bastet or Woosa, they are great choices for sustain and immunity. For damage, Theomars or Sigmarus are better than their four-star counterparts, but if they are not fully skilled up, a Lynn or Naomi might be better in many cases.

Lastly, for the slow version of the raid, bring at least two defense breakers, and make sure to build Naomi and Lynn on high crit damage and crit rate. If you have Annabelle or Delphoy, they are also great choices for the heal, cleanse, immunity, brand, and strip abilities.

As the first person to enter the area above the stairs, you need to be careful as two Circle aoes will be dropped on me. To avoid this, you should either hang around the back or go to the left or right so that the AOE is not right in front of the boss where people are going to be standing to DPS.

Before starting the fight, you need to make sure that all of my units are unfollowed so that you can avoid the laser beams that the boss is shooting and get away from the red circles in case they get dropped in the group.

When the arm comes down, you need to switch from follow to focus Target so that all my units can focus on killing the arm. It's crucial to drop my defense brakes and your cooldowns right away as there is a DPS check in this raid. If the arm is not killed, the boss will wipe the raid.

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Whenever you get targeted on the red aoes, you should run out of the group away from where either the arms will be dropped or away from people where they are standing to DPS the boss.

During the arm down phase, you need to make sure that my units are near full health as they will lose HP as a percent of total HP over time, and all of my heels will heal for less HP. If possible, you should save my heels for after the arm has died so that your getting the most regeneration for that cooldown.

After the arm is down, you should switch units from Focus Target back to follow so that you can dodge the mechanics once again.

It's a good idea to stack your party together so that you are getting each other's heels, shields, and buffs. This way, you can sustain through the fight and make it easier to survive the mechanics.

Lastly, there's a DPS check to make sure that you can get the arms down as quickly as possible. There's also a cleanse available to remove the debuffs and poison that stack on you during the fight.


Let me tell you about how the boss attacks work and the strategy to beat it. First, I will explain how it works in-depth, and then I will cover all of the boss's attacks and what they do so that you can understand how to dodge them. The most important thing is to manage these attacks because if you can't, there is a high chance that the dragon will fail, or it will take a minute longer.

I will cover a cheat phase called the arm skip, which makes the dungeon easier, but it only works if you are able to do enough damage. After that, I will cover the basic strategy behind the dungeon, such as what units to bring, what sort of debuffs you need, buffs, etc. Lastly, I will give you a general understanding of the themes that you can think of.

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I will not list every single unit or anything like that; I will just give you a general idea of what units work well.

When you enter the dungeon, the dungeon will start once you cross the line, and the boss will start attacking. Once you cross the line, the boss will start targeting the person who entered first, and you will get two hits. After that, he will shoot a little wave in either the left or the right side based on where you were at that time.

After the first phase, it will become random. Then, he will drop one of his arms on one side and his main arm on the other side. Your goal is to destroy this arm as soon as possible. You have some time to destroy it, and there is a bar that will get empty as you destroy it. If you fail to destroy it, the boss will launch an ultimate attack, and trust me, you do not want to get hit by it. If you think that being paid to win and having very strong monsters will prevent you from getting hit, your outcome will be different.

You don't want to be getting hit by that ultimate attack because there is a very good chance that you will have to start the run again. In short, it is best to avoid this attack. The boss will keep dropping these arms if you don't do enough damage, but those arms will be gone if you do enough damage. Remember, managing the boss's attacks is key to success.

If you're going for speed runs or prefer no Hiller guns, it's best to avoid stepping into them. For example, when the boss shoots the Little Wave at your arm, wait for 2-3 seconds before dashing into it. Once the boss is about to shoot the second wave in the other direction, dash over and keep attacking the boss so that he will shoot there. When the boss shoots another wave attack, it applies down to a big range, so it's best to move your units away from it. The goal is to kill the main arm in 15-20 seconds, and if you do, the boss will go back to his regular phase, shooting bubbles and wave attacks. You still need to dodge those attacks, which will be a bit harder to see. If you're targeted by the circles, move away to avoid getting hit.

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The Arm Skip is a strategy that allows you to beat the boss much faster by completely skipping the arm phase. You can do this by doing a lot of damage in the very beginning, such as using two Arts, buffing attack speed, and having lots of nukers. When entering the dungeon, make sure to manage the waves, and if you have low damage, it's best to get the targeting while your damage dealers do the damage. By doing so, you can successfully skip the dungeon.

If you're looking to optimize your team for the Rift Dungeon boss, there are a few things you should consider.

Firstly, having a good defense breaker is crucial, so consider using units such as Helia, Galleon, or the Dark Inugami. Helia is particularly useful as she not only provides a defense break but also increases damage taken. If you're using a unit like Buster or another buffer, make sure to have their skill maxed out so you can quickly switch between units.

In terms of damage, using units that have elemental advantage or high single-target damage is recommended. Helia is a great option here too, as she deals additional damage to the boss. Wind units can also be useful for their high critical rate, and the Wind Jackal is particularly effective as his second skill increases critical damage.

Finally, if you're using units that benefit from attack speed, consider using the Light Homunculus for her attack speed buff. Additionally, any units that can increase damage taken or reduce the boss's defense will be useful.

Overall, make sure to focus on defense break, single-target damage, and elemental advantage, and consider using units that provide additional effects such as increased damage taken or critical damage.

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