Which Rocket League Car is the Best?

Rocket league best cars
What is the best car in Rocket League? | © Psyonix

Rocket League is full of great cars, and despite the fact that there are only six hitboxes, some cars are just simply the best. Which car is the best car in Rocket League? Join us for a divisive journey that you may well disagree with.

Okay, okay, okay. Mate, you need to calm down. Calm your farm, take a chill pill, have a nice glass of water, and stop it with these rubbish insults. Seriously, guys, this article might annoy you: so consider this a warning! Everybody has their own favorite Rocket League car. Some like the Dingo – the green monstrosity that doesn't even vaguely resemble the mammal it was freakin' named after. Some like the Octane – yes that's right, the Octane ain't the best car in Rocket League – and some like the Dominus. They're all wrong. I am the only correct one, and that's why I have decided to bestow upon you this single lesson. Listen carefully, because this is the best car in Rocket League...

Well, there's more to Rocket League than the question "What Rocket League Car is the Best?". Just so much more. Here is a little taste of that "so much more". Enjoy...

What is the Best Car in Rocket League?

The best car in Rocket League is the Fennec. This is unequivocal and unnegotiable. I mean, let's be real, I write about Rocket League for a living, so I should know. Oh, oh, oh, you don't like that? Whatever, mate, I am not here to roast you, so I'm going to ignore that insult. The best car in Rocket League is clearly a Fennec, with that spicy Octane hitbox and that magical handling. It might not be the coolest looking car in the game – let's be real, it looks like something your 40+ mum would mortgage on the family home – but the way it plays? Sleek, man. Sleek.

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Why is the Fennec the Best Car in Rocket League?

The Fennec is the best car in Rocket League because its body fits the Octane Hitbox better than the Octane itself. Yes, I went there. The Octane has a pointy nose, giving it that stylish sports-car look (which, to be honest, I don't actually think is that stylish), but the Fennec? The Fennec is a bloody rectangle! A rectangle? Well, yeah! A rectangle. What's so important about it being a rectangle? Well, the edge of a hitbox that is basically a rectangle is much easier to find when your car is a rectangle. Sounds obvious, right?

The benefit of the Fennec, and the reason why it is unarguably the best car in Rocket League, is that players know exactly when and where their car is going to hit the ball. This gives players pin-point accuracy, especially when in control of the ball. Combined with the other benefits afforded to the Fennec by its Octane Hitbox, there really is no contender. Thus, the only question left is the following: come on, guys, why are you so mad at me? As I said earlier – take a chill pill! Eating a pizza could also help. Those carbohydrates would calm you down nicely.

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